It’s going good.

It’s going good.

The past two weeks were dedicated to the implementation of wavelength functionality. Now, wavelength has been successfully implemented for the applicable instruments. Along with that, a how-to guide has been created to assist users in navigating querying over wavelength for different instruments. Additionally, a gallery example for wavelength and detector has been added.

What’s the direction of implementation:

The implementation of wavelength can be divided into two parts:

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Stark broadening and the Common API

Stark broadening for atomic lines has been implemented with different temperature scalings for neutral and ionised radiators.

I integrated the API for atomic Kurucz linelists into the Common API, and in doing so the issue related to truncation and optimization seems to have been resolved.

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Finally ported from functional approach to class based approach

 I earlier had developed the basic structure of app in terms of functions in separate files and somehow had managed to serve the dashboard through only one panel serve ( panel serve --autoreload). It was a clever use of view to turn on and off when use clicks the button and importing the UI from different functions(that is different .py files). But this was an unmaintainable and unscalable approach. So now I have shifted to a class based approach and have made important classes to do the stuff. 

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Blog 1: Rethinking Coalignment from Ground-up

The Very Essence of Coalignment

At its core, coalignment is all about making sure our solar images match up as best they can. It uses a few different techniques, like template matching and solar rotation correction, to get this done. This is really important when we’re trying to accurately track and study what’s happening on a part of sun over time. We re-thought the entire process of what our new API be providing to the users as well as its structure.

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Beeminder does things man

 So to keep on top of my things and not procrastinate them away, I use beeminder to do the stuff. 
Think of beeminder as a tool to keep you on your toes. So we can have any tasks on beeminder and it has all kinds of automations to connect with. So it doesn't do anything if you are completing the work, but if you are not doing your work on your scheduled pace then it stings you. So they charge you money from your bank account if you are not doing the work. I almost failed today but was able to complete the stuff in time to not get money deduct from me.

But god it works. It's a really good tool to just stop procrastination. Because it costs you money. 

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