Python in Astronomy 2017

8 - 12 May 2017

Lorentz Center, Leiden


The third edition of the Python in Astronomy Conference will be held at the Lorentz Center from 8 - 12th May 2017.

This conference aims to bring a wide variety of people who use, develop or teach people about Python packages in the context of all forms of Astronomy. The conference will include presentations, tutorials, unconference sessions, and sprints. As well as building the community around astronomical uses of Python, the conference aims to improve collaboration and interoperability between Python, packages, share knowledge on Python packages and techniques. It will also provide training and educational materials for users and developers of Python packages.

Attending PyAstro17

Until and including Dec 9, 2016 we will be accepting requests from interested participants. Participant selection will be made with the goal of growing the Python in Astronomy community and we particularly encourage requests to attend from junior astronomers and people who are new to contributing to open source software. Effort will also be made to select participants who have a demonstrated potential to contribute meaningfully to the Python in Astronomy infrastructure via providing educational materials, documentation, and/or coding. Only basic familiarity with Python is expected of participants. This conference is neither intended to be an introduction to Python bootcamp nor only for expert-level Python developers.

You can apply to attend by filling out this form.

There is limited financial support available; if you you need support, please indicate that in your application. The same aim that guides the selection of participants will also guide the allocation of travel support: growing the Python in Astronomy community.

If your circumstances have changed since applying, please contact the organising committee at the email address below.


The Lorentz Center is an international center for scientific workshops, based on the philosophy that science thrives on interaction between creative researchers. Python in Astronomy 2017 will be hosted in the "Oort venue", which has a maximum capacity of 55 people. For more information on the Lorentz Center see their website. All participants at the conference will be expected to follow the code of conduct.

Social Media

The hashtag for this workshop will be "#pyastro17" feel free to use it before, during and after the workshop to connect to other participants and the wider community following the workshop. Remember, when interacting with people either in person or on social media, you are required to follow the code of conduct.

Organising Committee

The organising committee consists of: Stuart Mumford (chair), Matt Craig, Kelle Cruz, Daniela Huppenkothen, Abigail Stevens and Erik Tollerud.

If you want to contact the SOC you can email