Community Bonding Period-GSoC20

It was around 11:30 in the night on 4th of May, the Google servers glitched for a second or so but then I could see my project on the Org’s list.

Finally, I got selected for GSoC 2020 after around two months of involvement with the JuliaAstro community. Before my selection, I had primarily contributed to Photometry.jl and DustExtinction.jl, both were a part of the JuliaAstro community!

The next step was the community bonding phase, in this phase, I got my development setup more robust (I updated my OS, updated Atom, and also Juno). I also sharpened my Julia skills and learned the art of succinct documentation in this period. I went through the codebase of the repositories available in this community to get a flavor of Julia and it’s usage for making things work!

Since I was under lockdown back in my hometown, I got quite bored and decided to start contributing towards the project. I set up the basic framework of the package and added a few basic skeletal functions after discussions about it with the mentors.

At last, I would like to thank Miles, Mosè, and Yash for their guidance and prompt responses to all my dumb queries, it wouldn’t have been possible for me to start contributing without their guidance and help. A big shout-out to you guys! Thank you so much!

Oh! I forget to mention my project, this summers I will be developing a package for reduction of astronomical images in Julia.

Stay tuned for my upcoming blogs to know more about the project!