Week 5 & 6: The second month begins!

Hey Sid, did you pass your first evaluations?

The results of the first evaluation was declared on the 4th of July and yes, I successfully completed my first evaluation!

How was your experience till now?

It seems as if I started working yesterday, but reality is one and a half months are complete. The experience of working on this project was awesome, all thanks to my mentors.

So, what are the updates of these two weeks?

I have been a bit puzzled in designing the end-user interface of the package, I was working on the issue #28 during which Miles figured out that use of ImageHDU is not good, since it is not operable upon once the FITS file is closed. So, we won’t be able to operate on some collected ImageHDUs via iteration, since their respective FITS files would have been closed after iteration.

Hmmm, that seems like a problem, so what next?

We have thought of designing a new data structure CCDData, that would keep the header and image data of ImageHDU coupled and can be even accessed when the FITS files are closed. Once, this is done we will go for release (the major one, about which I talked in the last blog). Stay tuned to find out more!