Detour: A Reflection

Look at where we are, look at where weΒ started.

This post marks the halfway point of the GSoC journey. Instead of my usual full blown update posts, I want to celebrate this milestone with just a small, solemn reflection on the work we have accomplished soΒ far.

We have the Search Events up and running that maps the Sunspotter observation to the Heliophysics Events Knowledgebase (HEK). This has broadened our dataset and will allow us to do timeseries analysis in the nearΒ future.

We also have a Sunspotter class that handles the various CSVs and the AR FITS files.
The Sunspotter class allows us to rotate each observation to the nearest midnight, and convert observations from theHelioprojective frame to HeliographicStonyHurst frame.

We have a few Neural Nets showing good prediction results.

But all of these are technical details.

What really has been a strangely new experience for me is the sense of collaboration. My mentors do not treat this as a project that I have to do and they have to guide. I’ve interacted with a lot of students from a lot of different orgs in the past few two and a half months. OpenAstronomy is different and unique in its sense of prioritising community.
I know it’s a running theme, but I can’t find the words to describe how grateful I am, how exciting and fun this project has been because of my mentors and the SunPy community at large.
Looking forward to the next half of the journey!Β :)