GSoC 2020: glue-solar project 3.1

The 3rd coding period of GSoC 2020 will officially conclude in 2 weeks time. I would like to take this opportunity to review the progress made thus far, and to outline what other major feature can be added to glue-solar, perhaps over the remaining 2 weeks and beyond.

We have finally resumed code reviews for the remaining PRs in the glue repo, and I am happy to report that the PR dealing with adding a preferred_cmap attribute to the visual module of glue/core has been merged four days ago from today. This is a very memorable milestone as this is my first contribution to the glue codebase. The remaining PRs which are being worked on include the 1D Profile PR (PR #2156) as well as the wcs auto-linking PR (PR #2161).

Regarding our work at the glue-solar repo, all of the PRs reviewed except the two experimental ones has been merged. A User’s Guide and a Developer’s Guide have been added to the docs, while there is one open WIP PR which I am working on to add both a contributing document and the code references (or API) for the repo. Also some docs introducing users on how to start their own extensions in glue-solar for conducting solar physics has been planned.

All of the above will form the bulk of work to be submitted for the GSoC project.

More can be done for glue-solar, including but not limited to the following:

  1. Add NDData support to glue via glue-solar
  2. Add instrument loader code from sunkit-instruments to glue-solar
  3. Enable image / Movie exports, both with axes and without axes via matplotlib
  4. Add support for pre-computed statistics in datasets / viewers.

Hopefully with the support of the mentors much of what has been planned can be brought to fruition, so that this project will be a successful one.