Week 9 & 10: Beginning of the last month!

Hey Sid! Let’s get to the point directly, did your previous PR get merged?

Yes! The PR which involved creation of new data structure for ImageHDUs got merged, the code is up and running now!

Great, tell us what’s the next PR all about?

After creating the data structure CCDData and making it compatible with all methods in #31, I went back to my closed PR #30 to take the code and make it compatible with CCDData. #30 consists of code that enables a user to apply function on a collection of ImageHDUs and then save them in new FITS files. Now, the new PR #33 enables the same functionalities but with CCDDatas. This PR is in it’s last stages of review and will get merged soon!

Hmmm, that sounds interesting, have you prepared some examples to show the code in action?

Not yet, but don’t worry, I have started working on proper usage guidelines and examples, will put it up soon!

Cool! Tell us about your future plans?

Currently, my primary goal is to get PR #33 merged, after this I will put up some basic examples for complete reduction process. Following all this, I will push a new release and keep working on stretch goals!

Stay tuned to know more!