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Hey everyone Anand Kumar this side. This is going to be a series of blogs where I will cover my Summer Journey with Radis organization as a part of Google Summer of Code. Welcome to my first blog where I will be introducing myself coz that is kind of necessary :p. I’m a Junior from National Institute of Technology, Hamirpur, India currently pursuing my BTech in Computer Science and Engineering.

I am a geek. I love life, computers and everything in between!
I have been coding since my school days and soon realized that man this thing is so cool! I am an A.I. enthusiast and have made various projects related to Data Analysis, Machine Learning, Deep Learning and Web Development. Also I have completed a Data Analytics Internship at Pikkal & Co, Singapore and a Deep Learning Internship at Mavoix Solutions Pvt Ltd, Bangalore.
Currently I’m a Student Developer at OpenAstronomy organization as a part of Google Summer of Code 2021.

Wanna know a less known fact, I’m a huge hardcore video gamer! If I’m not coding, I will probably be killing some time on my laptop or my Playstation console ;)

Wanna know more about me and my work? Below are some links, do check out;)
LinkedIn | github | Portfolio

Also one huge shout out to the guys at GatsbyJS for providing such an amazing blogging template(keep it simple and clean, they say!). The biggest advantage of this template is that every blog is written in Markdown. So its gives alot of flexibility and functionality to the user to edit their texts. Plus their templates codebase is easy to understand so anyone can just clone and get started!

Anyways I guess this should wrap up this blog. See you in the next one where I will be starting my GSoC journey and discuss my project ;)
Till then take care and ba-bye :)