astropy@GSoC Blog Post #2, Week 1&2


How are you?

So, it's been two weeks of astropy@GSoC work already. Of course I have been damn busy! With the last commit made to the draft PR, a few hours back, I have successfully written a basic CDS writer. And voilà it works, albeit without the ReadMe at present! 😁

Note that I am quite unlikely to go into technical details here in these posts. There are two reasons for this. Hhm..., Na I guess there's just one single reason. It would be too repetitive a task to write them. I already write aplenty about those in the GitHub comments and other communications. And of course, the whole codes I am writing during the project are available publicly on GitHub, for the overly curious kind. Moreover, the final report is gonna have more than ample discussion too, because I like to explain myself a lot. 😐 What then is the need to write all that here again? So consider these posts my plain uncouth thoughts, which in any case, I suppose, aligns more with the spirit OpenAstronomy asks these for.

On a second important point, honestly, these Astropy people are really intelligent. It would appear, even more as the project progresses, that they knowingly marked a normal project as Easy to lure some innocent students! 😂

Anyway, Bye.

See ya the next time! 🙋‍♂️