Week 3 & 4: The end of first month!

Hey Sid, you mentioned about releasing the package in the previous post, did you go for the release?

Yes, I wrote the interface for combine function with FITS files and finally released version-0.2.0, come check it! (CCDReduction.jl)

So, how were the weeks 3 & 4?

These two weeks were quite interesting! After packing all the basic functionalties in the package, version-0.2.0 was released, the next problem to be tackled was collecting and listing all relevant files from a directory. So, to solve this fitscollection was created, it takes a path, searches it recursively (if the user wants) for FITS files with ImageHDUs, list them together and return them in a data frame. It has some advanced functionalities as well, check the documentation to know more!

Next, we created generators for filenames, image arrays, and ImageHDUs which works something like this:

# listing all FITS files present at some location with ImageHDUs
df = fitscollection(β€œlocation_of_some_fits_files”)
for arr in arrays(df)
# arr is the array representation of images present in entries of the data frame
# (i.e. array of ImageHDU's image data)

The generators created were filenames, arrays, and images. filenames generates the path of the file, arrays generates the array representation of images in ImageHDU and images generates ImageHDU of FITS files. These generators work on output of fitscollection i.e. a data frame returned by the function. All these generators were written using ResumableFunctions.jl.

Hmmm, interesting! What’s next?

Currently, I am working on issue #28, once this gets done, there will be a big release! Stay tuned to know more!