GSoC 2020: Thus Ending

This post marks the end of the summer of Code with Google. A lot I learned from the community; a lot I contributed to it. What I took back from GSoC is way more than what I put forward for it. So let’s see what I did in the last weeks.

I have now added a guide on how to Add “Attrs” to the registry in PR #4387. It is part of the developer guide for Fido.
I have added tests to check metadata queries in #4385 and ways to index the results using the client’s name. It eases to retrieve individual provider responses from a Fido result.
I resolved all reviews so far on PR #4419, so now it will ease the merging of PR #4321.
They await review as of now, maybe merged within this week. In short, almost all the proposed goals were achieved in the project. I experienced a more “pythonic” way of coding. Discovered new heights of the language, learned some solar physics, and what matters most, became part of a great community. Hopefully I made Fido Great Again!