Week 10 & 11: The End…

The past 3 months have been really amazing. I’ve learned a lot about working on a collaborative project and working with deadlines.

In the past two weeks, I polished off the work done for the project in the PR, so that it is ready to merge. There were a few merge conflicts that needed to be addressed.

Then, I worked on a generate_runlist file to make runlists for converting MAGIC ROOT data to HDF5 data. In a few days, training will start on the approximately 5000 MAGIC data runs using CTLearn’s models.

I’ll be continuing to work and contribute to this project in the future as required as well. Hopefully this will be useful for researchers working on related problems in the future.

I’m grateful for my mentors, Google, and OpenAstronomy for this amazing GSoC 2020 experience. Signing off!